Nina Stavlund

Nina Stavlund

Professional Photographer accepting new assignments! After working as an Executive/Personal Assistant for 15 years, mainly in the oil and gas business in Norway, I needed a change in my life. Since photography had been a passion since I was a child, I wanted to do something creative and meaningful in this field. This inspired me to visit Greece for 3 wonderful years. After returning to Norway, I decided it was time to become a professional photographer/artist. In 2010, I graduated from “Bilder Nordic School of Photography” in Oslo. At the same time, I was working full time with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) International Arctic Program. In addition to nature & wildlife photography, I also do lifestyle, weddings/anniversaries, portrait and creative photography and I teach photography and photo editing.

Oct 312017
No salmon return to Canada river, bringing New England fears

A conservation group’s discovery that no wild Atlantic salmon have returned to a key river in New Brunswick is prompting concern for the fish’s population health in the U.S. and eastern Canada. The New Brunswick-based Atlantic Salmon Federation has been monitoring the Magaguadavic River for the Canadian government since 1992. The group says this year […]

Oct 202017
The Enigmatic Peregrine Falcon

Tony Beck, professional birdwatcher and tour guide, came to the Ambleside 2 condominium complex at the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, mainly for the view overlooking the Ottawa River. He figured it was a convenient and safe place to see interesting birds from the comfort of a balcony. He wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the […]

Oct 142015
Photo Tip #1

PHOTO TIP from Always An Adventure: This is our first post, and it’s about back-lit situations.             Photographing back-lit subjects are never easy, and there are a few tricks to consider in situations like this. 1) you can use a fill flash/pop-up flash 2) you can get light from other […]

Oct 012012
Birding Late Summer into Fall

Tuesday September 25: What a most fantastic day! The sun was shining with blue skies, there was no wind, and there were birds everywhere! Starting the morning at Petrie Island with calm condition, we decided to do a full search of the woods. Black-throated Green Warblers, Chickadees, Gray Catbirds, Goldfinches, White-throated Sparrows, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Flycatchers […]

Sep 282012
Birding Prince Edward Point & Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Canada

It was still dark with the night’s chilly draft and drizzling rain sweeping over Ottawa, when a small, dedicated group of birders met at the Park & Ride off Hwy 416 and Bankfield. The drive down to Prince Edward County revealed several species of birds with plenty more greeting us at the point. We were […]

Jul 182012
Summer Birding has started!

Tuesday July 3: The first morning of our Summer Program started at Petrie Island with wonderful weather. We quickly ventured out to explore the east end of Ottawa. At Carlsbad Springs we had an entire family of American Kestrels. We also went to Embrun and Casselman Lagoons, where we had the first fall migrants including […]

Jul 142012
The End of Spring Birding..

Tuesday June 26: We started the morning at dawn in Gatineau Park with the plan of exploring all along the beautiful Gatineau Escarpment. Our first great excitement was a cooperative Upland Sandpiper perched on a fence post near Breckenridge. The fields seem fairly active with Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks. We found a family of highly […]

Jul 112012
June Excursions

June Excursions in the greater Ottawa Area – Canada Tuesday June 19: Although the weather seemed unsettling as we left Ottawa for the Purdon Fen, upon our arrival, the rain completely stopped. Much to our delight, the glistening rain droplets covered ever bloom ofShowy Lady’s Slippers. It became an excellent day with calm conditions and […]

Jul 052012
June Birding!

Tuesday June 12: Under drizzling skies, a small group of enthusiastic birders and photographers met this morning at Andrew Haydon Park. From here we went straight for the Moodie Drive Quarry Ponds where we had Common Tern, Bank Swallow and Belted Kingfisher. At the Richmond Lagoons, we had great views of Black-billed Cuckoo, Warbling Vireo, […]

Jun 252012
Overnight to Algonquin Park - June 2 & 3

Overnight excursion to Algonquin Park 2-3 June 2012: A group of 13 enthusiastic people, met at the Coliseum Theatre Parking Lot bright and early Saturday morning. Although the weather forecast was gloomy, to our great surprise, all of Saturday came with perfect birding conditions – calm, comfy and reasonably dry. It started with a bang […]

Jun 202012
Spring Migration at Point Pelee Part II

Always An Adventure was this year hired by Road Scholar Canada / Routes to Learning to guide two back-to-back trips to Point Pelee for spring migration 2012. Besides Point Pelee, Ontario’s Birding Hot Spot, we made stops at Long Point and Rondeau Provincial Parks. Each tour lasted 5 days and occurred during the peak of […]