Poachers Arrested After They Post Pictures of Mountain Lion Kill Online

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Dumb criminals make everyone’s jobs so much easier. Three were arrested, convicted, and banned from hunting, fishing, and worldwide for three years after they illegally killed a in and posted photos of their “trophy” on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The social media trail made it easy for authorities to track down the three Montana men, who shot the adult male lion a reported eight times before finally him.

United States Department of the Interior

Despite their online boasting, the men reportedly backpedaled, gave different accounts of the incident, and made excuses when they were interviewed by investigators.

The men were also fined for violating the Lacey Act, which prohibits taking, killing, or selling wildlife from protected areas.

Neither their bragging nor subsequent backpedaling is surprising. Only cowards corner an outnumbered animal who is most likely just trying to escape and take turns firing shots at him for fun.

Trophy hunters can’t resist posting arrogant photos of themselves standing over slaughtered animals in an effort to win approval.

United States Department of the Interior
Photo © StarMaxInc.com

But no one is impressed.

Trophy hunters’ social media posts of their kills serve only two purposes: to make them the subject of an intense backlash and to save animal advocates as well as authorities a great deal of time and money in trying to find the culprits.

What You Can Do

Sign the petition:

UPS, Stop Shipping Hunting ‘Trophies’

This article was first published by PETA on 17 June 2019.


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Rick Whitney

Prison. Next.

Sandra Carchidi


Lynn F Ciappenelli

Asswipes!! People suck!!!!

Verna Tjemsland

You’re idiots!!

Taomi Reynolds

Yes I think you should immediately take this post down, what if other poachers see it? Your not thinking clearly, have a V8.

Pattie Gordon

Taomi Reynolds you a idiot. It is to show that they are stupid
Doing something illegal and posting it on line,they got caught and now in big trouble.

Rhodna McMullins


Genomiel Gines

Good for them…

Cherie Murphy

Scum , hunter poachers the lowest , to take a life of any animal for sport is the lowest on the ladder of lowest , this beautiful animal had a right to a safe life in his home

Donna War

Jack holes are ĺn for a rectum stretching.

Denise Garstang

Pure evil

Linda Salerno

Whatever their sentence is…quadruple it!

Wil Huyser

Hope they do!

Jacky Bentley

hang the b…….

Kathy Evans

Wow that’s so mean of them to do that omg

Brenda Boutin

Well, don’t just kiss them on the forehead and let them go. How about some jail time!

Masheighla Fuscella

Poachers!!!! Trash!

Mary Ann Mac Gregor

Signed and these so called men should learn the value of life the true value, animal lives matter too…..

Aura Useche

Basta de la cazeria

Daniela Bieker

Loafer!!!!! You cant nothing as Animals killed!!!!!

Bryan Craig

Good now let the face the consequences of life in a dirty prison cell in some forgotten country that doesn’t give a shit about your rights. KARMA is a bitch.

Thane Govindan


Cynthia Furtado Cavanaugh


Diane Williams

Pair of knobheads,!!

Margie Foster

That’s right

Roy Dragotta

Burn in Hell son of a bitch!!!

Rachel Hussain

What is their point of killing this defenceless animal. To make their egos bigger. In my eyes they are no good, useless, low lives and need to be hunted themselves.

Richard Anthony

I See Instagram posts all to often with coconut heads like these arse hats showing how tuff they are behind a rifle. I hope they rot in hell!!

Patricia Lee Russell

Good It’s murder to me

Lynne Laboy


Wendy King


Rose Miras

Scum !!

May Lennox-Milton

Brats,,,,crap parenting these days,,,,

Vanessa Evans


Adrian Fox
Adrian Fox

How much longer will these laws last under Trump? I read a few days ago that he is opening up hunting and fishing even in wildlife refuges. With the Head of State in favour of killing things in refuges (does he know what the word ‘refuge’ means?) what chance has wild life to survive?

Bel Sholtz

They should be hunted too & KILLED!!!

Cathy Hull Hoffman


Sue Lesmond
Sue Lesmond

I dare these ugly FW fag,ugly,pocked faced POS animal murderers to meet directly with me.I have something for them!!! OH YEEEEESSSS!!!!

Sue Curtis


Michele Kelefas


Judy Trudy


Renee Jeanine Ragno

Big whoop, they deserve death for murder, slaughter

Enrique Zuniga

Fuckers …

Anne Grice

Let them show their killing instincts in a pit with rattle snakes !

Alison Moanique

they deserve tougher consequences. no wonder they dare to do it. no long stretch of time behind bars, no hundreds of hours of community service, no therapy. gee, a slap on the hand, just like the rich boys get when they do something horrible. this is unfair to the animal AND to the public. think what we could accomplish with all the hours of community service that would come along with the hand slap!

Diana Moss

Good I’m glad there in jail

Ada Natal

Piece of shit cowards, Karma will get them

Stephenie Howe

Poachers should get poached!

Dianne Dulat


Yuri Ivanenko

If they feel too strong How about going to Afghanistan and Trying with Talibans ! Give it a Try Champions .

Laura Melcher


Fran Young

Absolutely great!!! Jail might help them !!