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The Senate took a step in the right direction with a vote to protect wild horses and burros from slaughter, but the fight to keep them safe on the range is far from over.

America’s wild horses and burros have been federally protected from “capture, branding, harassment, or death” under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act since 1971.

Tragically, however, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has failed, and continues to fail, to uphold its duties under the law. BLM continues to remove and warehouse thousands upon thousands of wild horses in holding facilities at the behest of ranchers who want to see them erased from the landscape.

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Since 2005, lawmakers have prevented the BLM from slaughtering or sending the horses to kill shelters, but the Trump administration may soon change that.

Earlier this year, the House Appropriations Committee passed the Stewart Amendment as part of the 2018 budget, which would allow the BLM to kill 92,000 healthy wild horses who are currently in holding, in addition to those who are deemed excess on the range.

Wild horse advocates have been working hard to raise awareness about the issue, and to stop Congress from passing the Stewart Amendment, and thousands of people have spoken up to oppose the killing.

Now they’re celebrating a major step in the right direction with an announcement that the Senate Appropriations Committee just released its version of the spending bill, and it maintains protections for wild horses and burros from slaughter. It also calls on the BLM to address “humane and politically viable options” for their management.

“The Senate has heard the voice of the Americans loud and clear and rejected the killing of our nation’s iconic wild horses and burros,” said Suzanne Roy, Executive Director of the American Wild Horse Campaign. “America’s mustangs are part of the history and culture of the West.

Clearly, the Senate realizes that killing America’s mustangs or selling them for slaughter is is not acceptable to the American public. The only humane and politically viable path forward is to use birth control to manage wild populations on the range, as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.”

The House and Senate now need to reconcile their two versions of the spending bill, making it more important than ever to keep the pressure on. Take action to ensure wild horses and burros remain on their rightful home on public lands.


Please sign and share the petition urging your representative to act to ensure that wild horses are protected from further roundups and slaughter, and that they’re instead humanely managed on the range.

For more updates and ways to help, check out organizations including the American Wild Horse Campaign, Wild Horse Education, Cloud Foundation, Equine Advocates, Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation.

This article was first published by on 24 Nov 2017.

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Joyce Barnes


Marla Briggs


Eugene Stewart


Silvia Weber

Yes. Please protect our wild horses.

Carol Ann Watt

Yes of course

Siri Jones

Yes !!!!!!

Angela Hewitt


Dianne St Andre

The BLM shouldn’t be in charge of rhe horses and the land. Conflict of interest

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

too many people do not care
nor do they comprehend the concept
of share.
that this earth belongs to all
not here to be at our beck
and call.
so leave the horses get
out of their way.
this land is there too
and here they must

Juanita Cunningham


Blaženka Križan


Ainsley Devlin

Melissa Warfield Kelly Jo Wilson Dianne St Andre Pat Dupree Mary Fitzpatrick

Thekla Bashore


Jane Markel


Mars Greenwood


Verna Dentrey


Laurette Bouchard


Delbert Smith

These are feral, feral they damage the environment Eating food that native wildlife need, drinking water that native wildlife need. There are becoming thousnads and thousand of wild equine.

People who cannot afford to keep them are turning them out to be wild and run free.

Any native wild horses became extinct thousands of year ago.

Clear these environment damaging animals out now!

Two hundred year and of late noone will adopt these beast, some are inpossible to train. time to clear the land of these. The grass they eat they pull. yes horse and sheep pul the grass they eat.

Evelyn Ball

If it was up to you every species would be eradicated lol. You should worry about the ranchers and their cattle. And look at our species and the destruction we cause. smh

Chaille Dee

damn right, long overdue!

Debb Antona Donham

Hell yes

Lisa Marie Maley DeFreitas



Carol Dorn
The public lands should be left for Wildlife, Horses, Mustangs, and Burros! The open ranges (public lands) are not there for cattle! Cattle should graze on the ranchers private lands! Wild Horses and Mustangs hav been a part of America’s history for at least a couple hundred years! We should definitely budget monies for assisting the horses for control of their population, but not by slaughtering them, or selling them to another country to be slaughtered…and I believe we must keep a close eye on those folks who would prefer slaughter!! And we must not round them up, that is… Read more »
Garry Rogers

Horses should be saved if they can be managed to protect wildlife. The first management move would be to remove domestic livestock from the ranges. The second would be massive spending on ecological restoration of the degraded ranges. Without proper management, horses become one of the forces driving mass extinction.

Sarah Rawley


Jason Anderson


Debby Lindsay

Why would anyone vote no?! …If it does not effect you or “your” life it’s ok to harm other Life? ..please get on your knees and pray for a kind heart and repent.

Renee Jones


Marianne Adcock


Fran Mehan


Jean Kennedy Patrick


Diana Lynn Shaffer Mcmanus


Anna S. Borgquist


Nancy Raymond


Marie Rochester


Rosa Cortes

YES !!

Wendy Carvelly


Margaret Spiegel Mitchell


Terri Baker


Rose M Ramsey


Itsa Bout Peace

I can’t vote or sign because Australia’s NBN is useless.
Thanks LNP.

Isabel Silva


Ester Rosiello


Kyanna Hanscom


Ann Schroeder Williams

Signed and shared…thank u

Ally Lehto


Carole Marietta


Pamela Griffin


Tierra Chapman

If you truly want to make your voices heard on this matter, then in addition to signing all petitions to your representatives to protect wild horses and burros, be willing to give up beef and lamb to let these ranchers know that they simply cannot commandeer wild horses, wild life, and wild places for their own livelihood. No demand= No supply! It’s the only way.

Maggie Frazier

Yeah, that’s a good idea – but only about 3% of the livestock grazed on public lands ends up with the American consumer. I imagine the rest gets shipped overseas. The petitions are good – BUT calling and writing your senators & congressmen in DC makes more of an impression. Please don’t forget to do that & give them YOUR opinion on the whole wild horse & burro so-called problem!

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