Rare black flamingo spotted in Cyprus

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An extremely rare has been spotted on the Mediterranean island of .

Bird enthusiasts and ordinary folks alike have caught a glimpse of a rare treasure on this east Mediterranean island: a black amid a flock of birds taking a break from their trek back to summer breeding grounds.

The bird stood in sharp contrast among others of its kind in a salt lake near the southern coastal town of Limassol, Cyprus on Thursday.

A rare black flamingo is seen in sharp contrast among other flamingos, at a salt lake at the Akrotiri area near costal city of Limassol, Cyprus (AP)


Martin Hellicar, with the conservation group BirdLife Cyprus said that although black flamingos aren’t all that unusual around the world, it’s the first time that one has been spotted in Cyprus in recent memory.

Hellicar said the bird is most likely migrating to its breeding area in nearby Turkey after spending the winter elsewhere and has stopped at the salt lake to feast on brine shrimp.

Flamingos take a break on the east Mediterranean island from their trek back to summer breeding grounds (AP)

This article was first published by The Telegraph on 09 Apr 2015.


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Kathy Langbridge
Kathy Langbridge

We spotted this bird on Lake Kerkini in Northern Greece in October 2014.