Feb 092016
Video: Let’s Not Force Eagles to Fight Rogue Drones

Watching a giant eagle streak out of the sky to capture a rogue drone is undeniably cool. A story has been sweeping the Internet about how the Dutch National Police are training eagles to be a new avian air force that will protect us from evil flying robots. The idea that eagles could be turned […]

Dec 032015
Video:  Drones playing a crucial part in helping Spanish Ibex goats

High above the forest of the Sierra de las Nieves there is a saviour in the sky. It is s drone on a medical mission. Below it roam the Iberian wild goats known as the Spanish Ibex. But the population is being ravaged by scabies – sarcoptes scabiei is the medical name. It is a […]

Jun 032014
RSPB uses drone to keep watch on Britain's vulnerable birds

Military technology used to hunt down insurgents in Afghanistan has been taken up by Britain’s biggest nature conservation charity to safeguard some of the country’s rarest birds. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is using a remotely controlled drone to spy on the nests of endangered breeds and monitor the progress of […]

Oct 212013
Google Earth and drones help save Kenya’s elephants

Conservationist Marc Goss touches “take off” on his iPad 3, sending a $300 AR Drone whirring into the air – his latest weapon to fight elephant poachers around Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. “It’s an arms race,” said Goss, whose green khaki clothing shields him from thorny acacia branches in the 30,000 hectares (74,132 acres) […]