Dec 202017
Fuerteventura November 2017

Tour Highlights: Cream-coloured coursers before breakfast! Barbary Falcon harrying Ravens and superb view of another juvenile bird; Super views of Houbara Bustards; Some rare northern migrant birds – Hawfinch, Redwing, Siskin and Song Thrush and Desert Wheatear at La Oliva. Day 1. Monday 6th November 2017 With an early evening arrival from London, the sun […]

Apr 062017
Red flanked Bluetail at Titchwell

A planned trip to Norfolk today had added spice with news of Titchwell’s first ever Red-flanked Bluetail staying put for a second and hopefully third day. We stopped at first light in the hope of seeing the Golden Pheasant at Wolferton but had to settle for it on call alone before we moved on to […]

Apr 052017
Oslo in a nutshell

I took in quite a few of Oslo’s best localities today in chilly temperatures but without the rain that was forecast and with few new birds. Maridalen had 3 Lapwings in the morning but 6 by the afternoon which were stood on the ice – hopefully these (and more to come) will breed in the […]

Apr 032013
Reikyu Park, Shimabara

Another spot I don’t usually visit is Reikyu Park in Shimabara City. Although at first glance this seems like a good birding area, it is usually pretty quiet. But now is Cherry Blossom time, so plenty of birds are visiting to feed on the flowers, and this congregation attracts other birds as well. Today I […]

Feb 022013
Late Morning at Shimabara

I revisited the forest at Shimabara Athletic Park late this morning for an hour or so. Although the Grey Bunting did not reappear at the pond, the other birds were all there and I could get good views of Hawfinch. There were a lot of Oriental Greenfinch along with Brambling, Eurasian Siskin, Elegant Bunting and […]