Sep 122017
Prince Edward Island Birding Taster

Most people know Prince Edward Island (PEI) for Anne of Green Gables, red soil and potatoes. I can confirm that all of these things exist on the island (especially the potatoes, they are everywhere!), but it was the Prince Edward Island birding that really excited me. In August there are shorebirds galore, mixed warbler flocks, […]

Jul 082015
Gannets flight tracked in real time for the first time via 3G

The vast distances gannets fly to catch fish are being tracked in “real time” for the first time using the 3G mobile network. People are being given the chance to see how Britain’s largest native seabirds journey through the English Channel from nests off Alderney in the Channel Islands to find food for their chicks, […]

Jan 282015
Video: The Wild and Rowdy World of the Northern Gannet

Each year, vast numbers of these iconic sea birds gather in breeding colonies on islands off the Atlantic coast of Canada. In this video you’re invited to accompany me as we explore the daily life of these amazing, raucous, and gregarious sea birds. This video was originally produced for the Perfect Day Factory.     […]

Oct 142014
Melanistic Montagu's Harrier and other Raptors

Here are some of the raptor photos we managed to see with my Swiss group from Arcatour last week. The wind direction swung around to give us moderate to strong Levante (easterlies) for five days and only died down on our last two days. Still, knowing what the migrating raptors do and where they will […]

Sep 212014
Nearly Half of Our Birds Are at Risk of Extinction This Century

The National Audubon Society’s Birds and Climate Change Report should give us all deep cause for concern. The findings are heartbreaking: Nearly half of the bird species in the United States will be seriously threatened by 2080, and any of those could disappear forever. For the first time, Audubon scientists have analyzed decades of historical […]

Jun 132014
Seabirds Can Spy Fishing Boats From 7 Miles Away, Scientists Find

A type of seabird can zero in on fishing boats from a distance of about 7 miles (11 kilometers) away, a new study says. Northern gannets, North Atlantic seabirds with a 70-inch (178-centimeter) wingspan, likely use their binocular vision to determine the boat’s speed and fishing activities—and the presence of other birds—before deciding to fly […]

May 062013
Migrating Over a Carpet of Flowers

The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me with lots of tours and finding lots of migratory birds. This year’s early rain through the month of March was extreme but all along we knew that it would be a spectacular spring and hence have been rewarded with carpets of amazing multicoloured blooms covering […]

Jan 262013
Merritt Island NWR, 1/19/2013

Yesterday I drove out to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. I visited three areas: Blackpoint Wildlife Drive, Canaveral National Seashore, and East/West Gator Creek. When I arrived on the island and drove toward Blackpoint Dr, I saw a man pulled over looking into the trees. I decided to look at what he found, and it […]

Jan 032013
Ponce Inlet, 12/26/2012

I returned to Lighthouse Point Park at Ponce Inlet again in the hopes of finding a Razorbill. We found one far off the jetty. My father, who’s in town for Christmas, located it in his scope, and I was able to locate it briefly with my binoculars. It was very far away (I probably would […]

Dec 282012
Ponce Inlet, 12/20/2012

I went to Lighthouse Point Park at Ponce Inlet. I was hoping to find one of the Razorbills that had been seen there recently, but no luck for me today. It was still a pretty good morning, though. Lots of gulls and terns were there: Sandwich, Royal and Forster’s Terns, plus Ring-billed, Laughing, Herring, Great […]

Northern Gannet Morus bassanus

Northern Gannet Morus bassanus

The Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus, formerly Sula bassana) is a seabird and is the largest member of the gannet family, Sulidae. Their breeding range is the North Atlantic. They normally nest in large colonies, on cliffs overlooking the ocean or on small rocky islands. The largest colony of this bird, with over 60,000 birds, is […]