Jun 012016
Little Estero Lagoon Spring Nesting

An early May visit to Little Estero Lagoon south of Fort Myers Beach was very rewarding with a walk of the beach beginning at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. The north lagoon was active with wading birds like I had never seen before at this location. There was a feeding frenzy underway the likes of which […]

Jun 282014
Florida’s Little Plovers

Since I moved to Florida and became interested in birding, I’ve wanted to get good photos of all the little plovers that show up in Florida on a regular basis. I found most of these plovers without much trouble, but Snowy Plovers have eluded me. They’ve been somewhat of a nemesis bird for me, until […]

May 252014
 Memorial Day Beachgoers Asked to "Fish, Swim, and Play from 50 Yards Away"

As millions of vacationing Americans head to their nearest beach destination for a long weekend of surf and sun, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is urging them to be mindful of the many beach-nesting birds that will be tending to their nests and newly hatched young. “People visiting the beaches are often unaware of the many […]

Dec 082013
The Fool Hen: Spruce Grouse

When Spruce Grouse is approached by a predator, it relies on camouflage and stillness to stay hidden, often allowing people to approach within a few feet before exploding into flight. This behavior has earned the species the nickname of “fool hen.” (Other birds that rely on cryptic coloration include American Woodcock and Snowy Plover.) Spruce […]

Sep 032013
August Migrant Shorebirds

I visited Daijyugarami, Saga prefecture, last Friday to see what birds had started migrating through. The highlights were a solitary juvenile Asian Dowitcher, a Long-billed Dowitcher in breeding plumage, a Red Knot also in breeding plumage, a Broad-billed Sandpiper, a Long-toed Stint, four Black-faced Spoonbill, one Saunders’s Gull, a few Black-tailed Godwit and plenty of […]

May 172013
Revised Critical Habitat for the Pacific Coast Western Snowy Plover

The Pacific Coast population of the Western Snowy Plover (Charadrius nivosus nivosus) is federally listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 as threatened. They are a Bird Species of Special Concern in California and were listed as endangered under the Washington Department of Game Policy No. 402 in 1981, and as threatened by the […]