Sep 152017
Plucky duck: highest-flying fowl's Himalayan exploits revealed

A high-flying species of duck reaches altitudes of up to 6,800 metres (22,000ft) to cross the Himalayas, research from a British university has revealed. Scientists from the University of Exeter used satellite tracking to find out how ruddy shelducks – which are a similar size to mallards – find their way through the mountain range. […]

Nov 302016
Champions of high-altitude flight

From the roof of Chiu monastery, perched high on its rocky hill, the water of Lake Manasarovar was cobalt, the surrounding hills rich ochre, luminous in the sunlight of a late autumn afternoon. With a shoreline 55 miles (90km) long, and at an altitude of more than 4,500 metres (15,000ft), this is one of the […]

Sep 022015
Tibetan crane's winter habitat under threat from Indian hydroelectric project

A hydroelectric project in India’s eastern Himalayas will soon destroy one of the winter habitats of the magnificent Tibetan crane, a vulnerable bird regarded by local Buddhists as the reincarnation of a the sixth Dalai Lama, scientists and environmentalists have warned. The Tibetan, or black-necked crane, a species unique to Asia, has already disappeared from […]

Apr 232015
Macaca leucogenys: New Species of Macaque Discovered in Tibet

A group of scientists led by Dr Peng-fei Fan of the Dali University’s Institute of Eastern-Himalaya Biodiversity Research in Yunnan has described a new species of macaque from Modog County, southeastern Tibet, China. The team’s discovery is published online in the American Journal of Primatology. Macaques are medium to large-sized monkeys belonging to the genus […]

Oct 032013
Snow leopard inspires unique alliances between science and religion in Tibet

Science and religion have historically been at odds as they offered competing views of the world. But now, in the age of rapidly expanding human population and just as rapidly disappearing biodiversity some unlikely alliances are being formed in order to protect one of the world’s most charismatic felines – the snow leopard. A study […]

Jun 112013
Tibetan monks partner with conservationists to protect the snow leopard

Tibetan monks could be the key to safeguarding the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) from extinction, according to an innovative program by big cat NGO Panthera which is partnering with Buddhist monasteries deep in leopard territory. Listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List, snow leopard populations have dropped by a fifth in the last 16 […]