Wild boar ‘carnage’ in eastern France was ‘intolerable’ – hunting president

Wild boar ‘carnage’ in eastern France was ‘intolerable’ – hunting president

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The of 158 in a single day’s in eastern has sparked anger in the region and accusations of “carnage”, even if the were within their allowed quotas.

The boar were killed in a “battue” in which beaters drove the game towards the 82 hunters last Wednesday in the eastern Ardennes region.

Wild boar ‘carnage’ in eastern France was ‘intolerable’ – hunting president
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Local officials said the hunters were within their rights as they had still not attained their quotas for the season of some 300 animals.

But a participant in the hunt described the scene in a report in the local Ardennais newspaper, denouncing the extent of the killings as a true “carnage” that had left him shaken.

And the president of the hunting federation for the Ardennes, Jean-Pol Gambier, said that “such an image for hunting cannot be supported, we cannot allow this kind of excess.”

He said that the “exceptional” number of individuals killed was “intolerable”.

Cited in a local paper, he added that he “strongly condemned” the number of animals killed, saying it “significantly damages the image of hunting.”

“I am overcome by this carnage, even if there is a need to regulate (numbers),” Claude Maireaux, head of a local nature protection group said.

Hunters in France insist that their practice is helpful to nature and is rooted in the country’s traditions, even in the face of growing protests by animal rights groups.

This article was first published by RFI on 3 December 2019.

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Karen Lyons Kalmenson

This is sadistic blood last, nothing more and it is beyond vile.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Bloodlust, sorry about the typo. How we have advanced so far in the tech sense, while still retaining our uglier primitiveness.

Paul Seligman

There are a number of entirely reasonable and consistent ethical positions that can be taken on stories such as this. I think just about everybody on this forum will oppose the killing of of any animal whose species is facing rapid decline or extinction. You can be a vegan, or at least a vegetarian. Don’t wear leather, don’t eat any meat products and oppose all human killing of animals, that’s fine. I think that’s where the two previous comments are coming from. If you also recognise the complete human domination of the world and its environment, then you should probably… Read more »


Outrageous! Isn’t it about time that quotas and hunting these intelligent animals were confined to the bins of history.