Zebra Shot Dead in Germany After Escaping From Circus

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Animal activists are outraged after a zebra was shot dead in Northern Germany. Pumba the zebra ran into a motorway after it escaped the and was then shot by Animal rescue services.

Two zebrase scaped Wednesday morning as Circus Barclay was setting up a new location in Tessin, Germany.

Lead Image Source : Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

The first zebra was captured and returned to the zoo, the second one was running in a motorway and caused two cars to get into an accident. Neither driver was injured in the accident.

One policeman tried to catch the runaway by hand and received slight injuries. Another citizen had the hood of their car damaged when Pumba ran across its hood.

After multiple failed attempts to catch the zebra, a rescue officer shot it dead. Animal activists are dismayed that the office chose to shoot the animal rather than capture it or tranquilize it.

Accounts of the shooting vary. The authorities maintain that the animal was too far away to be tranquilized and posed a threat. Witnesses to the incident say he was shot at a range of 10 meters.

Circus Barlay owners have announced they will press charges. Trainers Angelo Madel and Carla Jenkins are “devastated” by the news. Speaking to Euronews, Jenkins said,“They murdered our zebra in the countryside despite no danger to humans or other creatures. We are devastated. It is such a big loss for our family. He was a really good animal.”

PETA spoke out against the incident calling for a ban on circus animals. Animal rights activists have been working for years to remove animals from . Animals used in circuses are often housed in cruel conditions and trained for hours on end. Many states in the United States and countries in Europe have banned circuses for these reasons.

Sign this to ban circuses in the United States.

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 4 October 2019.


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Rachel McDonald

To kill a zebra trying to escape the unbearable conditions of a circus , is not only tragic and inhumane but also gives us a clear insight as to just how sensitive animals are in these unnatural, cruel environments in which they were never meant to live.

Carole Knowlea

God have mercy on the poor animals so abused and killed just for the sake of people who enjoy killing. There will be a pay day for these people

Lynn M Jenkinson

They should have shot the person who let the zebra escape.

P Bean
P Bean

Heartbreaking and so very unnecessary cruelty – poor zebra. I really didn’t expect this in Germany – just shows you evil pervades all countries. Bring on Brexit!!

Наталья Баласиненко

Зачем было убивать? Можно было просто усыпить и отловить…..Убийцы.

Chako T Kohsaka

Exploited, abused n killed after only a short time freedom?

Toni Schindler

At least its finally free! Stupid humans!!!!