Fabiola Forns

Fabiola Forns

Fabiola Forns is artistically inclined and after dabbling in creative writing, music and oil painting, has found her true call in wildlife photography. An extensive traveler, she has lived in Europe, New York and Puerto Rico, finally making Miami her permanent home. Fabiola holds a degree in Human Resources from St. Thomas University in Miami, and is also Adjunct Faculty at Miami-Dade College, as photography instructor. She tries to merge visual arts with realistic photographs and her style fluctuates between serene landscapes and bold abstracts.

Feb 272013
Fieldtrip to Shark Valley

Shark Valley, regardless of the 11 mile road work, proved to be very interesting. I would say even better than the Burrowing Owls at Brian Piccolo Park. We had been very disappointed with our session at Anhinga Trail, which we found very neglected and with very few subjects for this time of year. Shark Valley, […]

Feb 252013
From Courtship to Relationship

Anhinga courtship (Anhinga Anhinga) could be extremely amusing and very fast, as we were able to witness this past Saturday morning at Shark Valley, West entrance to Everglades National Park, while there on a Miami-Dade College photography class. There had been some action, especially with Purple Gallinules that were very abundant and in plain view, […]

Sep 242012
Arctic Terns (with short feeding video) by Fabiola Forns

Arctic Tern (Sterna Paradisea) – They are medium sized sea birds, with the longest migration known to any animal, from the Northern Oceans to Antarctica and back. They see more sunlight in a year than any other animal. The long forked tails developed in the summer, are particularly attractive as they fly and glide through […]

Jul 172012
Skomer Island, Wales, by Fabiola Forns

Visiting Skomer Island The island of Skomer is located off the South West coast of Wales. It is one of a chain of islands separated from the Pembrokeshire coast by the waters of Jack Sound. The island is almost 3 square kilometers, and besides being a spectacular place, it’s one of the most accessible seabirds […]

Apr 042012
Newfoundland Adventure      by Fabiola Forns

This land of fog and icebergs is jut a few hours North of us by plane. We visited last year and decided to make it a regular destination. Wherever you look, there are lakes and pines along the road, and the pristine environment captivates the visitor as much as the friendliness and hospitality of the […]

Feb 212012
Florida Everglades by Fabiola Forns

River of Grass This was the name that conservationist Marjorie Stoneman Douglas liked to call the Everglades, a place like nowhere else in our world – wet and dry, wild and developed at the same time. It is formed by a mosaic of sawgrass marshes, pine rockland forests, tropical hardwood hammocks, mangrove swamps and coastal […]