Bali Park Leaves Elephants to Starve to Death

Bali Park Leaves Elephants to Starve to Death

An elephant park in Bali left its elephants to starve to death after Covid restrictions forced it to shut down.

The Bali Elephant Camp offered a wide range of nature-based activities as well as elephant-related attractions, including elephant rides. When tourism stopped due to the pandemic, the park was forced to close its doors and try to manage without any income.

They left the elephants to starve to death in the camp, with their feet were still being chained to stakes in the ground. When they were found, these huge creatures were skin and bones, their skin sagging where there used to be healthy amounts of fat.

The camp also left its employees unpaid for all of their hard work. Some remained to try to take care of the elephants but did not have the funds to do so.

Eventually, the government stepped in and gave the Bali Elephant Park a time limit to find a solution for their elephants. They failed to do so, so the elephants were seized and taken to neighboring zoos.

As of right now all of the elephants survived and have gained the weight back. Sadly, these poor elephants have lived a life of exploitation, and it looks like that’s not going to change.

Even if they are no longer forced to give people rides and get better care, they will still endure the distressing life of a zoo animal: living in small enclosures, have their family units broken apart, and having profit be prioritized over their wellbeing.

We can only hope that one day they will be able to live at a sanctuary, where there will be plenty of room and no loud visitors.

This article by Abigail Jane was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 13 October 2021. Lead Image Source : Joel Mbugua/watch?v=TS6ylmkQFhU/Unsplash.

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