Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 5)

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Today’s episode begins with a loud, violent confrontation between local hunters and the BirdLife camera team.

The hunters clearly do not like the spotlight on their hunting activities, and the police are quick to remove Chris Packham and the team from the area. CASH, the Campaign Against Spring Hunting, has generated more than 44,000 signatures representing 10% of the Maltese voting population, in support of a referendum to ban Spring Hunting.

There is hope for the future, however, and we see large groups of school children learning about and enjoying wildlife from a hide at a wildlife park.

If you haven’t already voted, then we invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST a complete ban on the spring hunting of on Malta. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

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Information about the project and a template letter to send to your MEP can be found at:

More information and comments from hunters and conservationists:

POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Patricia Matthew

I love this island but am even more passionate about birds as I'm a member of the RSPB. This senseless slaughter just has to stop

Christ Abela

I think that the massacre that you are saying in Malta is not true,I think you better go to Libanon to see the REAL MASSACRE,

Michael Potter
Michael Potter

It's a undignified spectacle and the protests should begin worldwide. The pool little birdies, got no chance.

John Lewis
John Lewis

Traditions should be judged on their merits. The fact that something has been happening for years DOES NOT make it sacrosanct. Slavery, child labour and routine cruelty to animals are just a few examples of fine old traditions that in all civilized countries have now been recognised as abhorrent in a modern world. An individual’s freedom is not unlimited, that is what ‘society’ is about, a collective sharing of rights and responsibilities. The world has changed out of all recognition since this ‘tradition’ began, far fewer people and far more birds and a growing understanding of the importance of protecting… Read more »

Dana Nichols
Dana Nichols

Birders would bring a lot more money to Malta than hunters. Sometimes you have to send "tradition" to the trash heap of history.

David Lowe

Perhaps there should be a hunt of the hunters, there would be an outcry then,