Some Americans think they could beat a grizzly bear in an unarmed fight, according to survey

Some Americans think they could beat a grizzly bear in an unarmed fight, according to survey

According to a YouGov poll conducted in 2021, many Americans believe they could defeat a variety of wild animals. People were less confident in their ability to win an unarmed combat as the animal grew larger.

Humans battling animals, such as bullfighting, occurs all across the world, despite the fact that this poll discusses scenarios that are unlikely to occur.

Animal cruelty is not only a state-level offense, but it is also a federal offense. Unless otherwise provoked, the animals described in the survey pose no harm to humans. Starting a fight with an animal in the hopes of being stronger than them is never a good idea.

The survey revealed that 72 percent believed they could beat a rat in a fight, while a surprising 6 percent thought they would beat a grizzly bear in a fight.

The six percent of Americans that think they could beat a grizzly bear are absolutely untrue. Grizzly bears can be as tall as 8 feet, and males can weigh as much as 1,700 pounds. Bears don’t see humans as food and rarely provoke an attack. They can become territorial but will generally retreat when confronted with a human, even though they could easily take control.

Another shocking finding was that eight percent of Americans think they could beat a lion. Yes, a fierce lion that weighs about 420 pounds. Nine percent believe they could win against a crocodile, the world’s largest reptile. 15 percent think they could win against a king cobra, one of the most venomous and longest snakes in the world.

Taking into account how much harm humans already cause to animals, this survey isn’t too funny. According to the Animal Kill Clock, only almost four months into the year, nearly 13,000,000,000 animals have already been killed for food. Animal cruelty is no joke, and it is never ok to provoke a fight with an animal.

Many countries still do bullfighting, where a human provokes the bull to fight and injures the animal to become a “victor.”

Sign this petition to end bullfighting and unprovoked attacks on innocent animals!

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This article by Hailey Kanowski was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 1 April 2022. Lead Image Source : BsWei/Shutterstock.

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