Dec 242017
POLL: Should the Beaver be "Rewilded" in the UK?

For the first time in 400 years, beavers will be reintroduced to the Forest of Dean in a major trial project. Two adult beavers and two juveniles — known as kits — will be released into a 6.5 hectare enclosure in Lydbrook, England. This may be the first of several such rewilding schemes, as the […]

Jul 272017
POLL: Should the Eurasian beaver be "re-wilded"?

The extraordinary ability of eager beavers to engineer degraded land into wildlife-rich wetlands has been revealed by a new study in Scotland. Scientists studied the work of a group of four re-introduced beavers over a decade and found their water engineering prowess created almost 200m of dams, 500m of canals and an acre of ponds. […]

Mar 202017
POLL: Should Trump disband USDA Wildlife "Killing" Services?

Despite persistent outrage from the public, the U.S. government killed 2.7 million wild animals in 2016 — and almost 1.6 million were native wildlife, according to data released this week. That’s roughly five animals every minute. Even after scientific investigations by a team of ecologists cast serious doubts around the necessity of these killings, Wildlife […]

Oct 192014
Rewilding the Land Can Reconnect Us to the Natural World

We live in an age of mass extinctions and increasing degradation of our planet. Rewilding – the return of land to a wild state and the reintroduction of animals and plants that once lived there – is one way we can restore the balance in nature. And in ourselves. From his home in Oxford, England, […]

Oct 072014
How Wolves Change Rivers

There are “elk” pictured in this video when the narrator is referring to “deer.” This is because the narrator is British and the British word for “elk” is “red deer” or “deer” for short. The scientific report this is based on refers to elk so we wanted to be accurate with the truth of the […]

Oct 022014
POLL: Should Britain be "rewilded" with wolves, bears and beavers?

A pair of highland ponies nibble grass as two kestrels swoop across the path. Up a rock face across this windswept valley deep in the Scottish highlands, a golden eagle is hunting for prey, its movements tracked by a GPS tag. Nearby are Scottish wildcats among the bracken – Europe’s rarest cat, with fewer than […]

Aug 182014
Beavers are mysteriously back in Britain - but not entirely welcome!

Tom Buckley was overjoyed. Earlier this year the retired environmental scientist proudly documented the first family of beavers living wild in England since the species was hunted to near extinction in Britain several hundred years ago—a discovery that came almost by accident. He first noticed a few tree stumps gnawed to pencil-like points on the […]

Jul 102014
Stop the control freaks who want to capture England's wild beavers

British people love wildlife, but the government, yet again, seems determined to show that it hates it. An opinion poll in Scotland found that 86% of respondents were in favour of reintroducing the beaver. As most people seem to understand, it’s a magnificent animal which can enrich our lives and our countryside. It was once […]

Feb 282014
New Study Provides Insights into Genetic History of European Beaver

European beaver (Castor fiber) has been strongly affected by expanding human populations for many thousands of years, says a team of genetic scientists led by Prof Michi Hofreiter from the University of York, UK, and the University of Potsdam, Germany. Beavers have long been an important resource for human populations across the northern continents. Their […]

Jan 242014
Over 75 percent of large predators declining

The world’s top carnivores are in big trouble: this is the take-away message from a new review paper published today in Science. Looking at 31 large-bodied carnivore species (i.e those over 15 kilograms or 33 pounds), the researchers found that 77 percent are in decline and more than half have seen their historical ranges decline […]

Feb 272013
Eager Beavers Take on Climate Change: Restoring Nature’s Engineers in Utah

The beaver is one of nature’s most skillful architects, but it doesn’t just create lodges for its own toothy kin. The dams this engineering rodent builds can create water storage ponds that provide habitat for entire communities of wildlife, and ensure streams flow even when there is little rain and snowfall. As climate change warms […]

Dec 042012
Beaver at the Cable Pool, Naraguagus River, Maine

This North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) has taken up residence in the famous Cable Pool on the Naraguagus River in Cherryfield, Maine. The Cable Pool was one of the most popular fishing spots during the heyday of Atlantic Salmon fishing. While restoration efforts are made to bring back this wonderful fish, the Cable Pool is […]

Nov 142012
Wildlife Slaughter in South Dakota

Imagine my amazement this morning to see a Google advertisement inviting me to hunt wildlife in South Dakota – and I live in Switzerland! It seems that South Dakota is being promoted as the ideal tourist destination for wildlife hunting. So I clicked on the advertisement and within a few minutes realized that wildlife hunting […]