Trophy Hunter Gets Eaten by Crocodiles

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Scott Van Zyl was the owner of SS Pro Safaris, a South African facility that also organized trips to Africa so trophy hunters could kill magnificent animals and display them in their homes.

In a weird twist of fate, Van Zyl became the hunted earlier this month during a safari. After he separated from a local tracker and approached the shore of the Limpopo River, he was eaten by crocodiles.

Trophy Hunter Eaten By Crocodiles When Going On A Hunting Safari

Unfortunately, three crocodiles had to die as well. The tracker had become concerned when Van Zyl’s dogs returned to the campsite without him. A few days later, searchers found Van Zyl’s footprints and backpack on the river bank, but divers and helicopter pilots were unable to find his body in the river.

“Permission was given for three in the area to be shot, and one of them contained Mr. Van Zyl’s remains,” Sakkie Louwrens, director of the Heritage Protection Group (HPG), a South Africa-based nonprofit that investigates, fights and prevents violent crimes, told the BBC. “Subsequent DNA tests have proved the remains to be those of Mr. Van Zyl.”

An investigation is underway to determine exactly how Van Zyl died. At least four people have been killed in Zimbabwe by crocodiles in the past year. Due to the unusually heavy rainfall, crocodiles have been moving away from rising rivers.

“Our hearts go out to Scott’s wife and their two children,” said Phillip Bronkhorst, chairman of the Limpopo Hunters Forum. “Scott will be remembered for the passion he had for his profession and life in general.”

He may have had a passion for his profession, but it’s really difficult to understand how someone with a passion for life in general would have been willing to facilitate and profit from the of hundreds of animals.

“From elephants in to the smallest blue duiker in KwaZulu Natal, we do it all,” boasts the SS Pro Safaris website.

In a disgusting and graphic video — be warned that it’s really more like a snuff film — Van Zyl posted on YouTube in January 2016, various leopards are seen being shot to death on his “hunting preserve” – including one big cat as he innocently approaches his dinner.

Trophy hunters like Van Zyl often defend it by claiming they’re killing animals to help people. For example, Donald Trump, Jr. spent Earth Day killing prairie dogs, which are considered “agricultural pests” because they damage crops.

But in Montana, where he shot them, the state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks lists them as a species of concern due to their decline in number. Prairie dogs are also an important part of the ecosystem: More than a hundred other animals depend on them for food or live inside the burrows they’ve created.

Not surprisingly, a recent study by Humane Society International found that in Africa does very little to help local economies.

As for the Nile crocodiles Van Zyl had intended to kill, they are considered the most dangerous type of , with the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. But are they any scarier than humans who want to kill animals only for sport?

With Van Zyl now resting in peace, hopefully SS Pro Safaris will be shut down so more animals can continue to live in peace.

This article was first published by on 27 Apr 2017.


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Dennis Richardson

I bet the Croc was sick for a week!!!


I hope he suffered.

Hilary Morrison

A trophy hunter?? I guess the Croc knew this & found him tasty.

Michèle Haudebourg


Cool Dross
Cool Dross

hunters ,your not to well like on here ,, and many others think your assholes ,, how do u sleep at night JOIN the military if u like killing wtf

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Food for more than mere thought, sorry sucka loser hunter


In the midst of the Brexit debacle, this has made my day. What a shame they had to kill 3 crocs to find this murderers remains – they should have captured them humanely and x-rayed them – that would have revealed his whereabouts. As for his family – no sympathy there – they knew what he did for a living and enjoyed the fruits of his murder of innocent animals.

Cheryl Dean


Cool Dross
Cool Dross

sad for his family ,,, the animals are safer now

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

Why sad for his family? I know I could never be married to a trophy hunter. His wife had to be ok with what he did so she’s no better than he was.
I’m sorry for the crocs and the croc’s families.

Sue Lesmond
Sue Lesmond

Excellent news!!!!!!!! The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunters.I hope that this vile POS suffered a slow and painful death! I am having a celebratory party re this excellent news!

Crocodile Done Deed
Crocodile Done Deed

The bad news is that the usual vengeful chimps killed three for the loss of merely a single psychopath . . .

Tonia Vassila

Karma came monsters

Robert Piller
Robert Piller

This was great but surely a couple of years ago.