Video: Netgunning Black Wildebeest From Helicopter

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The black or white-tailed gnu (Connochaetes gnou) is one of the two closely related wildebeest species.

The natural populations of black wildebeest, endemic to the southern part of Africa, were almost completely exterminated in the 19th century, due to their reputation as pests and the value of their hides and meat.

However, the species has been reintroduced widely from captive specimens, both in private areas and nature reserves throughout most of Lesotho, Swaziland, and . It has also been introduced outside its natural range in and .

Shaun and Emma have been tasked with removing black from a farm, and unfortunately the only way to do it is with a netgun.

This was first published by BBC Earth on 24 Dec 2014.


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Sharon MartinezMy

All forms of animal hunting must be banned

Delbert Smith
Delbert Smith

Thanks to the value of the Black Wildebeest as a hunting trophy their populations are at these huge numbers.