Nov 122017

This female leopard (Panthera pardus) shows off her extremely athletic nature by jumping across the channel in front of our boat.

With Xigera Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.


Nikon D5 Nikon 200-500mm – ISO 800 1/3000 sec. @ f5.6 – © Dana Allen –


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Dana Allen

Dana Allen

Professional Wildlife and Adventure Photographer, Naturalist, Publisher and Educator. Dana Allen was born in California and raised as a global citizen. As a youth he travelled widely, visiting and living in numerous countries around the world. Acquiring his first camera at the age of 12, Dana’s passion for photography has never dimmed. He studied Fine Art Photography in Arizona and was awarded both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree with highest honours. Dana has taught photography in Universities both in the United States and Zimbabwe. Enthused with the environment and its inhabitants, Dana is dedicated to portraying the natural world around us. He founded PhotoSafari in 1991 and has specialized in photographing wildlife, landscapes and tourism activities in Africa ever since. Millions of viewers have enjoyed his images through various publications, cards, calendars and books.

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Gs Timaney

Nice jump perhaps for some shikar.

Rahul Mangam

Gert shot

Dnyanesh Golange


Jayesh Motilal Shah

Nice one

Vemparala Venkata Subrahmanyam

incredible timing

Ajit Nair


Sujata Sinha


Debasish Nath

One of the best shot in the World…

Kiran Shah

Perfect timing

Arvind Telkar


Rahul Majumdar


Toshan Wijeratne


Shradha Rajendra Patkar


Dr.Abhijit V.Jadhav

Outstanding shot

Shailendra Singh Patel


Subrata Roy

Magnificent click!!

Ikram Khan

Super athlete. Superb shot of spotted beauty in action.

Pritam Gurav


Ann Marie Evans


Marzook Mohd

This rocks

Taj Ali


Jay Vora


DrKakoli Ghosh


Renjan Ambalamugal


Vicky Patel


Venkat Ragavan


Kiran Nagendra


Samir Ingale


Dr.Siladitya Ray

Superlike! !

Imran Khan

Mind blowing capture

AAmin G Chauhan

Really amazing

Vinit Baliram Kolhe


Leena Duge

Superb !!!

Shibu Nair P

Extraordinary capture

Sujata Sinha


Manjunath Hegde

Awesome 🙂

Lisha Patel

Simply superb

Roshani Shah

Simply WOW

Vinod Abraham

Action, Timed to perfection

Mohan Krish


Kalyan Saha

Superb shot

Prakash Gadekar Pench


Vikash Matre

Fantastic pic

Chandrashekar Gowda


Dulcie Beak

WOW, what a great shot and just how lucky can one get 🙂 D

Sunil Gadekar


Sunhild Sauck

Amazing shot

Tanmay Waikar

Nice Timing

Dipak Desai


Ami Prabal


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