Petition: Ask South Dakota to End Program that Pays Children to Kill Animals

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Earlier this month, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) started a controversial program that is paying residents of all ages, including children, to kill animals.

The GFP says their new Nest Predator Bounty Program was designed to help preserve nests of ducks and pheasants, bring more participation, awareness, and education to , along with encouraging the youth to spend more time outside and in nature.

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The program pays 10 dollars for every tail of a , striped , , badger or that is submitted. It also states that road kill is not eligible, which ensures that participants will themselves be trapping and the animals allowed for submission.

Governor Kristi Noem made a Facebook post voicing her excitement that kids are outdoors as a result of the program, and persuading children to get out the house more. The same post also shows a young girl smiling as she crouches over a dead raccoon.

Although they claim this program is meant to benefit the public, the violence and killing is unnecessary. There are humane resolutions to trapping and preservation that don’t encourage violence from the youth.

While it is critical to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors, they should not be motivated by a price tag on the life of an animal. Unfortunately this is not the first program that allows this either.

This is reminiscent of the hunt in New Jersey that teaches children to hunt and skin squirrels. Children should be taught to respect wildlife and an animal’s right to live freely in nature, not at our pleasure or convenience.

The program started on April 1 and is set to end on August 31 unless the $500,000 cap is reached prior to that date. There is, however, another way to end the program early that will also put an end to the painful and unnecessary death of innocent animals.

Source: Kristi Noem/Facebook

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 18 Apr 2019.

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Terrible! What is becomming of the “Land of Freedom” and it´s inhabitants? Why involve children in killing innocent animals!!!???


Honestly? Teaching children that its “exciting” to kill a wild animal? Sadly cant blame the kids if this is what they are taught at a young age. The idea that people are PAID to do this by the state? Attempting to wipe out one species or eradicate enough of them for another species to survive? And how has this worked out for us in the past? Not so great!!


This is horrendous


Already signed and petition.

Sue Lesmond
Sue Lesmond

The vile,ugly,filth-bag brats need to be exterminated not poor defenceless animals!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Another disgusting example of humans cruel and stupid