South Texas Photography Trip

Over the last several years, in a number of photography forums I follow, I kept seeing wonderful images from several of the photography ranches in south Texas. Each year I would say, I need to get down there. Well, last summer I decided to plan the trip. I asked three of my photog friends if […]

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North American Vultures

The United States is home to three species of the new world vultures, the Black Vulture, the Turkey Vulture, and the California Condor. Most people consider vultures as ugly dirty birds. In fact, they have their own natural beauty about them. Of the black and Turkey vultures, which one is “better looking,” Is an interesting […]

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Greater Roadrunner watching me

From Fiction to Reality … in a Split Second!

So many of us grew up with Wiley Coyote doing everything under the sun to catch the quick Roadrunner. As a child, I used to watch the coyote develop elaborate plans to catch the roadrunner for a quick meal, only to have things backfire and leaving the coyote in a “lost again” situation. Well, in […]

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