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Sep 082017

This massive male Leopard (Panthera pardus) makes it very clear that he is in total control of the sable antelope which he had brought down earlier.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

With Little Vumbura Camp and Wilderness Safaris.


Nikon D3s. Sigma 120-300mm – ISO 800 1/1500 sec. @ f4 – © Dana Allen –


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Dana Allen

Dana Allen

Professional Wildlife and Adventure Photographer, Naturalist, Publisher and Educator. Dana Allen was born in California and raised as a global citizen. As a youth he travelled widely, visiting and living in numerous countries around the world. Acquiring his first camera at the age of 12, Dana’s passion for photography has never dimmed. He studied Fine Art Photography in Arizona and was awarded both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree with highest honours. Dana has taught photography in Universities both in the United States and Zimbabwe. Enthused with the environment and its inhabitants, Dana is dedicated to portraying the natural world around us. He founded PhotoSafari in 1991 and has specialized in photographing wildlife, landscapes and tourism activities in Africa ever since. Millions of viewers have enjoyed his images through various publications, cards, calendars and books.

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Vicky Katdare


Vicky Katdare


Michele Jankelow


Anand Joshi

Super Click

Kaleem Kureshi Kanha

Excellent click

Gangeya Rao


Denise Ravenscroft

so stunning!

Marie Kotze


Timir Baran Mazumder


Sayali Kulkarni


Shashi Rawat

killer eyes..

Tapasi Majumder

O lovely

Paulette Pierce


Chitralekha Shetty

What an amazing shot!!!!

Ricky Patel


Tapas Chakraborty

Wow excellent

Darleene AndLarry Stovall

Love those eyes!!! …and the whole photo!

Jesani Miprayoon

Very nice

Mohammed Sameer Rangoonwala

Excellent shot

Mukund Chaudhari

Nice pc

Ramesh Purohit

Very nice click

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