Robert Lovell

Robert Lovell

Robert Lovell is a writer and editor with a love of wildlife and a passion for environmentalism. He is based in the north of England but loves to travel.

Apr 192018
Six species that have recovered from the verge of extinction

Across the world there are numerous species of animals whose existence has been threatened by human intervention. From pollution in our oceans, to the increasing presence of city life, to the ongoing problems with poaching, many animals are suffering at the hands of humankind. Fortunately, due to the tireless efforts of conservationists, some species are […]

Apr 122018
US facing “extinction crisis”

Conservationists have warned that a multitude of animal species are at risk of being eradicated in what they called a major “extinction crisis”, which is rippling across the United States, and will begin to claim and increasing number of iconic animals unless appropriate schemes begin to receive more support and funding. A report written in […]

Mar 082018
What can you do to help save the great barrier reef?

Even if you are nowhere near Australia you will probably know that the great barrier reef is under incredible pressure to survive, there are many issues negatively affecting coral reefs around the world including pollution (including plastics), unsustainable fishing, climate change, coastal development and invasive species. There are many things that you can do to […]

Feb 152018
New Research Finds Wind Farms Good for Wildlife

Image by MaxPixel Offshore wind farms are good for wildlife and the environment say researchers from a Dutch study which finds that birds often avoid offshore wind turbines and marine life find new shelter and new habitats. The study found that the offshore wind farms have “hardly any negative effects” on surrounding wildlife and in […]

Feb 082018
Environmental Awareness And The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef that harbours a substantial amount of aquatic life is under threat from climate change and a careless disregard for the environment. As one of the one of the seven wonders of the world and being the largest living organism on this planet, the great coral barrier reef is home to many […]

Jan 262018
Offshore Wind Farms Attract Marine Life with ‘Reef Effect’

(Image source: Wikipedia) A recent study by Dutch scientists and researchers have found that offshore wind farms bring a positive effect to marine wildlife by creating a ‘reef effect’ which makes the water perfect for marine animals, such as seals. A Positive Impact on Nature The Dutch study, titled ‘Short Term Ecological Effects of an […]

Jan 082018
De-extinction Versus Wildlife Conservation

Advances in mapping the genomes of long extinct animals of the past raises an interesting debate about whether wildlife conservation is needed at all, especially if scientists can just conjure up dead species like they were never wiped off the face of the Earth. This seems to be similar to the plot of Jurassic park, […]

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