Most Popular and Widely-Read Articles in Feb 2013

Most Popular and Widely-Read Articles in Feb 2013

During February our global team of wildlife photographers and authors published 208 articles in promoting the cause of wildlife conservation. The purpose of this review is to highlight the past month’s most popular and widely-read articles.

First prize goes to with Komodo and its Dragons, an article published in August last year and one which continues to stimulate great interest. Second prize goes to John Andrew Wright for Japanese Weasel in Motion and third prize to Morkel Erasmus for Just another Kalahari morning.

Several of the more popular articles were written by guest authors from other blogs. The most widely-read article in this category was Scientists: bizarre mammal could still roam Australia  written by Jeremy Hance.

Most Popular and Widely-Read Articles in Feb 2013
Komodo Dragon by Adam Riley
japanese weasel 0720
Japanese Weasel in Motion
yawning male 1
Just another Kalahari morning
Kristofer Helgen comes face to face with a long-beaked echidna in New Guinea. Photo by: Tim Laman.
Scientists: bizarre mammal could still roam Australia
  1. Komodo and its Dragons » [341 Views]
  2. Scientists: bizarre mammal could still roam Australia » [322 Views]
  3. Amazon explorer films shocking wildlife bonanza in threatened forest » [307 Views]
  4. Japanese Weasel in Motion » [268 Views]
  5. Insects » [253 Views]
  6. Wildlife Boom Expected After Eradication of 30,000 Rats on Pacific Island » [230 Views]
  7. Scientists document baby giant armadillo for first time » [229 Views]
  8. Poll: What Makes a Birding and Wildlife Blog Successful? » [222 Views]
  9. Just another Kalahari morning » [209 Views]
  10. Catching Borneo’s Mysterious Wild Cats on Film by Jyrki Hokkanen » [196 Views]
  11. Pity the Pangolin: Most Common Victim of the Wildlife Trade » [182 Views]
  12. Over 11,000 elephants killed by poachers in a single park [warning: graphic photo] » [180 Views]
  13. One Fifth of World’s Reptiles at Risk of Extinction » [179 Views]
  14. Domestic Cats and Billions of Birds » [172 Views]
  15. Over 1,500 wolves killed in the contiguous U.S. since hunting legalized » [168 Views]
  16. Traveling With Photography Gear » [165 Views]
  17. Orange County (California) Birds of Prey » [153 Views]
  18. Southwest Florida Birding Hot Spots » [149 Views]
  19. Please promote our logo for wildlife conservation » [147 Views]
  20. U.S. Proposes to List Wolverine under Endangered Species Act » [146 Views]

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