Oct 242017
Surge in eye injuries as Melbourne magpies go on attack spree

A penetrated eye that needed surgery is just one of an “extraordinary” spate of magpie-inflicted injuries in Melbourne, and one hospital has issued a warning about the swooping birds. The number of eye injuries caused by the bird has risen significantly, according to the emergency director of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital, Dr […]

Apr 092017
Night parrot sighting in Western Australia for first time in 100 years

A night parrot has been photographed in Western Australia, adding another twist to the mysterious history of the species that was presumed extinct until it was rediscovered in Queensland four years ago. It is the first verified sighting of the bird in WA for almost 100 years and follows a history of unverified sightings, disbelieved […]

Mar 292017
POLL: Should Australia's feral horses be controlled by aerial culling?

More than 6,000 wild horses, buffalo, pigs and donkeys have been killed in Kakadu national park as part of a new feral animal management plan negotiated with traditional owners. The cull, conducted by helicopter shooters over 24 days, destroyed 3,654 horses, 1,965 buffalo, 294 pigs and a small number of donkeys. It is the first […]

Aug 232015
Video: A cassowary, one of the world's most dangerous birds, in attack mode

Cassowaries are capable of inflicting fatal injuries on animals and humans. Luckily this one is only attacking a tree. Today, the Queensland government announced Australia’s only cassowary rehabilitation centre, which had been earmarked for closure, has been granted interim funding.       This article was first published by The Guardian on 11 Aug 2015. […]

May 102015
Carmichael mine may push rare bird to extinction, scientists warn

The creation of Australia’s largest mine will have “serious detrimental and irreversible consequences” for the endangered black-throated finch and may even push it to extinction, a recovery team for the species has advised Greg Hunt, the federal environment minister. The black-throated finch recovery team, comprised of scientists from the CSIRO and James Cook University as […]

Mar 172015
Poll: Should koalas be culled in overpopulated areas to prevent starvation?

Australia needs to consider allowing healthy koalas to be euthanised in order to control numbers in overpopulated areas, where the animals risk dying painfully from starvation, a koala expert says. Although not endangered in any state, koalas are listed as vulnerable in the eastern states of Queensland and New South Wales, where their habitat is […]

Dec 312014
Video: Great Barrier Reef 'has sex' via mass egg release

The reef spawns for a second time this year – a rare occurrence. Marine scientists say the egg release, coral’s way of reproducing, usually happens once a year and its timing is unpredictable. The full moon slows the tidal flow to just twice a day, allowing the eggs to float in the calmer waters. The […]

Jul 112014
Unique Among Animals, Kangaroos Use Tail as Fifth Leg, Scientists Find

How many legs does a kangaroo have? The correct answer, according to new research, is five. A study in this week’s Biology Letters says that a walking kangaroo propels itself with its tail, essentially transforming the appendage into a fifth “leg.” The study found that the tail of a walking kangaroo works as hard as […]

Nov 142013
It's official, the superb fairy-wren is our favourite bird

It’s bright blue, sexually promiscuous and just 14cm long – and it’s officially Australia’s favourite bird. The superb fairy-wren has won a national poll to identify the country’s most-loved feathered animal. BirdLife Australia said the vote, a part of Bird Week 2013, was a “very close race” for top spot between the fairy-wren and that […]

Jul 022012
The Million Dollar Question - How Many Platypuses?

It will be erroneous to presume that platypuses are abundant, in fact there is no current number to date that could confirm a realistic population number, but only the vast large estimates between 10 thousand to 100 thousand platypuses may be in existence. Counting platypus, or platypuses is a very difficult task, even trying to […]

Jun 062012
Platypus or Platypuses please .. Not Platypi

I never forgot several years back the spontaneous remark of one of my web readers from Texas saying that “I talked about the platypus like if this animal was still alive” and if this was correct she had lived with this erroneous conception for over 20 years. Where others as I would show them this […]

May 182012
Southern Cassowary - Survival Depends on Our Actions!

When we face wildlife – our deepest “parental love” will spontaneously rise with no apparent mental exertion from our part. It’s like observing a sign that says “Fresh Paint – Do Not Touch”, we impulsively have to test it. These complex and voluntary events in our brain, can eventually deliver catastrophic results toward the next […]

May 132012
Lace Marketplace

The Lace Monitor or Lace Goanna (Varanus varius) an Australian member of the monitor lizard family. Know mostly in Australia as goannas they are the second largest lizard after the Perentie (Varanus giganteus). This specimen I found strolling on the beach, unafraid of human presence and feeding on food leftovers by the day visitors to […]