Most Popular and Widely-Read Wildlife Articles from 2012

Most Popular and Widely-Read Wildlife Articles from 2012

You may be surprised to learn that our global team of wildlife photographers and authors published more than 1,500 articles last year in promoting the cause of wildlife conservation. Although we’re already well into 2013, it is certainly not too late to review the successes from last year.

Several of the more popular articles were written by guest authors from other blogs. The most widely-read article overall described  the massacre of Amur Falcons in Nagaland and was contributed by Wildlife India.

The most widely-read of our resident authors during 2012 was Adam Riley, who had 3 articles in the top 20 including Komodo and its Dragons, The Leeudril Leopard and The Dassie Rat.

Paul Marto’s article Orange County wins second prize, and Third Prize goes to Lori Robinson with Gorillas Win vs. Poachers. The top 20 rankings with numbers of page views are summarized below.

Most Popular and Widely-Read Wildlife Articles from 2012
Komodo and its Dragons by Adam Riley
Coopers Hawk
Coopers Hawk
Gorilla f you sm
Gorillas Win vs. Poachers by Lori Robinson
  1. Shocking Amur Falcon Massacre in Nagaland » [1781 Views] by Conservation India
  2. Komodo and its Dragons » [1174 Views] by Adam Riley
  3. NATURE “Magic of the Snowy Owl” – Preview – PBS » [1014 Views] by PBS
  4. Orange County (California) Birds of Prey » [1011 Views] by Paul Marto
  5. Gorillas Win vs. Poachers » [940 Views] by Lori Robinson
  6. Wildlife Slaughter in South Dakota » [524 Views] by Ken Billington
  7. Interview with Steve Mills, Award Winning Photographer » [478 Views] by Katherine
  8. The Golden Eagle in Scotland – As climatic changes take hold, what future awaits these iconic raptors in the 21st Century? » [455 Views] by Terry Pickford
  9. Antarctic warming changing penguin breeding cycles, and success » [438 Views] by
  10. Picaflor Cordillerano (Oreotrochilus leucopleurus) (adult male) » [409 Views] by Walter Baliero
  11. Toronto’s Worst Bird Killing Buildings » [397 Views] by American Bird Conservancy
  12. How to Photograph – Woodpeckers » [387 Views] by Glenn Bartley
  13. The Leeudril Leopard – an Incredible Encounter » [378 Views] by Adam Riley
  14. New full-colour monograph focuses on the Peregrine Falcon » [366 Views] by Patrick Stirling-Aird
  15. The Wedge Pack, a Washington State Wolf Pack, Exterminated Because Of One Arrogant Rancher » [361 Views] by Larry Jordan
  16. The Mustangs of Pryor Mountain » [315 Views] by Don Getty
  17. The Dassie Rat – an unique rodent » [308 Views] by Adam Riley
  18. Bolivia Trip Report Part III » [277 Views] by Glenn Bartley
  19. Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM » [276 Views] by John Andrew Wright

We sincerely thank our wildlife authors and photographers for contributing their outstanding articles during 2012. Thanks also to our loyal subscribers and readers for following our blog.

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